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What's AVC Calendar?

AVC Calendar is a unique Audio-Visual app, that provides visual guidance and spoken explanations without the need for your child to read any text.

AVC Calendar is designed for children with special needs such as autism who need an easier, quicker, and a more fun way to check their daily and weekly schedules.

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greater retention of information than just reading written text


information transmitted to the brain is visual


faster processing of visual information in the brain than reading

Our unique features

Autism AVC differs from other apps by empowering children to express themselves and communicate about which activities they like or dislike.

Fully voiced

Every part of the app provides spoken explanations with large pictures so your child can navigate easily without the need to read any text.

Provide feedback

Your child can share their feelings about which activities they like or dislike by the press of a button. Keep track of your child’s moods through the parent’s area.

Positive encouragement

For activities that aren’t so much fun, the app will remind your child about upcoming happy events to boost their motivation, and therefore always making the experience an enjoyable one.

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